Bonjour! Looking for some interesting and little known facts about France? You may well be intrigued by that which you find. France is a remarkable country with a fascinating history. A close friend of mine traveled there searching on her French heritage. What she found was a beautiful countryside, rich culture, and a French family connection dating back for centuries.

Alsace is one of the least known tourist elements of France, yet offers some of the greatest vacation spots. Alsace borders Germany, evident in the cultural influence of both countries in the meals, wine and customs.

Historical Facts about France tell an account of a country divided. My friend traced her ancestry to Alsace Lorraine. She found that sometimes her ancestors were French and other times they certainly were considered German, depending on who was simply winning the war! Their last name even changed from Gerber to Sherber, with each power struggle. An unforgettable experience was meeting living relatives, and a trip to the family’s inn and vineyard. Among her found treasures – a copy of her great-great Grandfather’s original birth certificate!

It is impossible to stand on the shores of Normandy and not feel the current presence of the historical D-Day invasion. In early stages that fateful morning, three airborne divisions dropped down in the quiet of the night and parachutes silently landed within the German’s defenses. Allies from Great Britain, France, Canada, and the United States followed over the following several weeks. The bloodiest battle took place at Omaha Beach.

At Colleville-Saint-Laurent, the American Cemetery is a standing memorial to people who risked and lost their lives. The French government gifted this land to the US in honor of our military heroes. The dead are buried on’American soil’where they fell, not forgotten in a far away land. Whilst the mist rolls off the ocean, the vision of Normandy remains long after your journey back home.

Brittany is just a spectacular coastal region situated in the scenic northwest of France. Plan a stop in the village of Saint Michel to capture a view of the villagers because they harvest seaweed. On the bronze beaches of Greve Blanche, from the view of Europe’s tallest lighthouse, watch a golden sunset.

Brittany is steeped in mystery and can claim a few of the more fascinating facts about France: the region is rumored to own once been the located area of the legendary Holy Grail. The real history of the rural section of France recently came to light although the novel, The Da Vinci Code. Castle ruins stand testament today atop mountainous displays of glorious times past.

Provence is one of the most interesting regions in France, using its own customs and language. In the 19th century, Provence’s light and landscape attracted famed artists like Vincent van Gogh. The Greeks were the first to ever introduce vines to the region. The Romans contributed architecture of forums, villas, amphitheaters, and aqueducts.

Steep stairs and alleyways lead around its feudal castle, which crowns the medieval town of Roquebrune. The 10th century castle, the oldest in France, resides by houses dated from the Middle Ages. Dignitaries such as Winston Churchill slept here.

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