Land Bolatangkas is agile online with a respected land version suit – The match delayed Arema FC hosted Bontang FC on Friday (3/30/2012) night, finally officially didn’t be held. The reason why, Bontang FC who plays as a guest team decided not to come quickly to the Gajayana Stadium because of preparations which were tight.

Arema FC also hopes to win the match by walk over (WO) because the opponent doesn’t come. The match kit was all ready on the pitch that night, such as the referee who finally blew the ultimate whistle after 15 minutes the opponent did not can be found in the field.

This seems to be a mirror of Indonesian football that is not like a play. Competition rules are not respected since they are indeed very weak enforcement systems. Arema FC, which should have lost to WO when the first game didn’t be held in February, in fact is currently turning around hoping to win WO.

Bontang FC has strong reasons for absenteeism at the Gajayana Stadium. In addition to notifying the delayed schedule so that he did not have time to prepare the team, Eddy Simon’s squad also felt fooled. Because in February they’d come to the Gajayana Stadium and entered the field.

Arema because the host during those times was unable to keep a match because of internal conflicts within the club. “We used in the future and enter the field, nonetheless it wasn’t appreciated. We must have won WO at that time. Now there is an immediate rematch. This is actually not fair , “said Eddy Simo yesterday.

The reason why tangkasnet remains the same as before, they deserved a WO victory last February because the cancellation of the match wasn’t because of force majeure. The cancelation of the match, said Eddy, was because the Arema FC because the host was in conflict and couldn’t hold a match.

That’s why Bontang FC decided not to come quickly to Malang for the second time because they felt these were treated unfairly. Eddy Simon himself cannot comment much on PSSI’s decision later.

“Regardless of the decision I don’t care. I simply prepared the team for the second round, “he said.

Technically, Bontang FC has strong reasons not to come quickly to Malang. Ie sent a notice letter postponed match that was only four days prior to the match Even though during those times the Laskar Bukit Tursina team was still on holiday and there have been no training activities.

Meanwhile, in the Arema FC camp, coach Dejan Antonic still hopes PSSI decides the very best decision following this event. However, he regretted the match must certanly be carried out without opponents. Based on him this can be a bad phenomenon in Indonesian football because the principles are not really respected.

Supposedly, said Dejan, a club attempted to play a match no real matter what happened because PSSI have been determined. “If the opponent doesn’t come, that means not obeying the rules. “We’re willing to compete and regardless of the situation must be the match remains going on,” said Dejan.

Dejan’s statement is fairly cliched if he returns to seeing the events in February. At that time his team also couldn’t compete because of dualism in a team with a lion motif. Although during those times the ball player had entered the field, but the security forces forbade the overall game to be held as it wasn’t clear which committee (Panpel) carried out the fight.

Arema himself received lots of relief while still being overcome by internal disputes at the start of last season. In addition to facing Bontang FC, other matches also experienced delays, namely the counter Persema Malang. With reasons which are difficult to accept reason, give Arema a way to heal themselves from conflict.

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